ArtfixTerra 3D Terrain Editor - Sophisticated Landscape editing and painting (MMORPG Editor, landscapeeditor, terrain editor)
ArtifexTerra 3D Terrain Editor Scene
3D Landscape editing and painting.

Testimonials - What others think about Artifex Terra 3D

"What I like about ArtifexTerra is that the GUI looks really nice, it appears to have been well thought out. You also seem to care a lot about details, which is something I look out for in a project."
Steve Streeting (Sinbad) - Founder of the Ogre3D Project.

January 2009 — Artifex Terra 3D gets a spot in the
Ogre3D's featured project section.

"...I would like to say that your scene development tool is amazing. I am part of a small development team working on games with Ogre3D and your tool is one of the best we have come across."
— Lyam Mitchel

"Artifex seems to make sense like Linux makes sense. It has that inspiring quality of balance--of blended precision between polar entities: the immersive quality of game-play within the functional realm of a development tool. I can't say I have ever seen its like in a level editor." — Artifex user.

"...Insane amount of features, super-amazing painting utilities, verbose and helpful manual, intuitive hotkeys, and a great interface-- you've designed a really powerful tool here." — Ogre forum user.

"Oh my god ! This is one amazing tool you made there Nauk. Very professional." — Ogre forum user.

"Absolutely stunning!" — Ogre forum user.

"Looks very neat and professional. I'm specially attracted by the tablet support feature :)" — Ogre forum user.

"lots of sweet features !" — Ogre forum user.

"Woo-Hoo! This just looks groovie! Kudos to you!" — Ogre forum user.

"..., that's very impressive work. I'll definitely end up using this in my engine,..." — Ogre forum user.

"waooooooooooooh really great thing !!!!" — Ogre forum user.

"I only wanted to play around with it for a little while, hours later...addictive!" — Artifex user.


Artifex Terra 1.2 PE beta, ZIP, ~ 177 MB

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