ArtfixTerra 3D Terrain Editor - Sophisticated Landscape editing and painting (MMORPG Editor, landscape editor, terrain editor)
ArtifexTerra 3D Terrain Editor Scene
3D Landscape editing and painting.

Artifex Terra 3D - Terrain editor for easy and sophisticated landscape painting and editing

Artifex Terra 3D is a terrain editor application for height map based realtime modeling and texturing of virtual landscapes. In other words you can create outdoor scenery and levels for your game, mmorpg, architectural model, etc:

It combines the usability of classic 2D painting programs with 3D content generation with a playfull 1st person perspective. Offering a great variety of powerful and fine resolving tools and filters while remaining well within 2 boundaries: simplicity & practical productivity.

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The fast learning curve enables inspiring 3D world creation within a very short time, even for beginners. Artifex is designed very brush-centric, because we strongly believe, that the brush, even after centuries, still is the artist's most important tool. That in mind, we are of course always open for user suggestions that lead to further improvements and make terrain and outdoor scene generation even more fun and to quote one of our users: "addictive".

For a more detailed overview about the features of Artifex Terra click here to check the online-manual.

Terrain editor features:

  • Terrain editing with several different tools: Lower, Raise, Blur, Flatblur, Boil, Plane and 2 filters.
  • Texture painting (splatting) with 9 different textures.
  • Colour painting on 8 different extra colour layers, rendered into a single texture slot.
  • Triplanar texturing and splatting.
  • Normalmapping and dynamic lighting support.
  • Realtime texture manipulation: RGB, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation.
  • Automatic lightmap generation.
  • Paintable animated mesh-grass.
  • Infinite custom object value pairs to edit game-content.
  • Open source scene-loader class for Ogre3d::Terrain. You can download it here.
  • Add-on & sample source repository on SourceForge
  • Support for transparent textures.
  • Open source C++ scene-loader class for easy project integration.
  • SQlite based storage system.
  • Artpad support, tested with Wacom Graphire2 and Intous3 pads.
  • Brushsystem with 10 different brushes, can be infinitely more.
  • Rapid object placement.
  • Backblending of baked splatting textures to reduce texture tile effects.
  • Tested with terrain-sizes of 15000*15000 ogre units.
  • Model pack with trees, plants, buildings.
  • And more...

Artifex Terra 1.2 PE beta, ZIP, ~ 177 MB

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